27 nov. 2014

10 Trends for 2015 - by trendwatching.com's

So you’ve read a lot of ‘for 2015’ lists recently. We know: your inbox is already full of MUST READ predictions for 2015. And no doubt some of them were great. So you’re already well versed in the Big Changes coming. The Internet of Things (yes, more of it). More smartphones. Economic recovery (the US). Economic slowdown (China). Economic uncertainty (pretty much everywhere). Aging populations. More China. You know the drill. This list is different. First, it’s consumer trends that we’re interested in. Not the ongoing macro-trends (see above) that will form the backdrop to 2015. Second, and more important, when it comes to this list the trends aren’t really the point... Here’s why this one is different ;) www.trendwatching.com/trends/10-trends-for-2015 10 trends for 2015
This list is all about actionable opportunity. An industry secret: Trends aren’t really the point – opportunities are. So, time to be transparent: yes, our list does feature the Internet of Things. But in the INTERNET OF SHARING THINGS you’ll discover one exciting way to do something with these technologies, for consumers, in 2015. The same goes for each of the 10 trends below: each one highlights a key, actionable innovation opportunity that could see YOU serve, delight, surprise or build stronger relationships with your customers. Indeed, you could (and should!) start putting at least one of these into action tomorrow, if not in the weeks and months ahead! So all set? Read, be inspired, then get going! Trends are just a means to an end: successful (and profitable!) innovation.