28 août 2014

A visual guide to 21st century networking

What networking is  ? What has changed Impact of technology ? Drop your old tools Being a connected employee Clustering Brokerage Closure The strength of weak ties Scale-free networks Social capital Generation C, Social networking
 What does matter? Networking always has been and always will remain important in business. However: How networks are constructed has changed How we network has changed How you go about creating value has changed How you scale your network has changed And these things are changing fast. Unfortunately, not enough of the thinking in business has changed, and the tools that we have are no longer fit for purpose. We need a new approach for the 21st century. While social networks are playing an increasingly important role in how business is done, we have a poor understanding of how they work. The same is true of building human social networks to help you achieve your business goals. In this white paper we are going to introduce you to the world of network science and explore how it can change your behaviour to significantly improve your results. Network science is not a new discipline, but recent findings coupled with an ever changing business landscape has challenged many of the core principles of relationship building, and offers invaluable advice that, until now, business has largely ignored...

Why schould you read this guide ? 
 In a world where customers and consumers are becoming increasingly connected, being a connected employee is no longer something that only the social media-savvy intern does, in the same way that networking is no longer just a task for sales people looking to hit their targets. To remain competitive in the future individuals need to understand how to conceptualise, understand, and leverage their networks to get things done. Learn about the mindset required for success in 21st century business Understand how networks are constructed and how value is added Learn how to leverage your relationships Understand power and control in networks This is the first in a two-part series of white papers on networking in the 21st century, where we take a look at the theory to better understand the impact of social networks in business. In the second white paper we will apply that theory into an actionable strategy for success....
by  Founder at FLUX INSIGHTS