24 mai 2014

How to network at conferences... without being awkward - by David Malam

Networking guide
If you downloaded this guide, you probably know you have some work to do when it comes to mastering your “networking” technique. Don’t worry -- you’re not alone. Starting a conversation with someone through a computer screen? Sure, no problem — you can handle that.
Walking into a room of crowded people, walking up to a stranger, and starting an intriguing corner by the snack table and pretend to be ridiculously busy on your iPhone so no one will attempt talking to you.
But that’d be a waste of the registration fees you already paid. So what do you do? Stand on the side and picture everyone in their underwear?
Let’s be honest — that’s a little weird and will probably actually make you more uncomfortable. There really is no need to get so worked up, we promise.
All you need to do is follow these simple tips and tricks about what to do before, during, and after your networking event, and you’ll be a networking pro in no time.
It Doesn’t Have To Be Awkward.
by David Malam