30 avr. 2014

Leading the digital business revolution - by Antony Mayfield

Leading the digital business revolution
Slides from the Brilliant Noise webinar, Leading the Digital Business Revolution, with Martin Gill, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, Alun Williams, Digital Director at TUI Travel, and Antony Mayfield.

"Martin Gill got things started by explaining Forrester’s perspective on the digital business revolution 
He explained that while some newer businesses like Amazon are born digital, older businesses are having to adapt. 
Some, like Burberry, are embracing digital wholeheartedly and achieving digital mastery. 
Others have had digital thrust upon them, and are struggling to keep up with pace of change Martin used the analogy of the fall of the Berlin Wall to explain the challenges businesses are facing in bringing about their own “digital revolutions”. 
The wall in question is the mentality that sees digital and customer experience siloed as someone else’s responsibility. 
To break down the wall, lots of people need to join in by seeing digital as part of what they do, regardless of the part of the organisation in which they work."
by Antony Mayfield