10 janv. 2014

Les entrepreneurs sociaux ont la parole le 15 janvier prochain à Strasbourg !

La Conférence annuelle  d'Euclid Network (le réseau européen des entrepreneurs sociaux),  se déroulera cette année le 15 janvier prochain au Conseil Général  du Bas-Rhin, à  Strasbourg. 
A l'issue de cette conférence, les entrepreneurs sociaux pourront partager leurs expériences dans 10 cafés du centre ville.  
Cette manifestation organisée par Euclid Network en partenariat avec StartHop, va permettre  ainsi aux entrepreneurs sociaux venus de toute l'Europe de discuter à Strasbourg, de  solutions nouvelles pour nos sociétés.

The Euclid Network Annual Conference will take place on 15 January 2014 in Strasbourg and is a recognised event of the European Commission's “Social Entrepreneurs: Have Your Say!” (Strasbourg, 16- 17 January 2014).

Euclid Network’s conference will focus on how civil society and social entrepreneurs can mobilise to find solutions together. Whilst attending interactive workshops, the participants will work together to solve five concrete challenges from across Europe.
With 100-150 participants expected, it will be a comprehensive experience, focusing on the four Euclid benefits of learning, piloting, advocating and networking.

We’re bringing the city of Strasbourg to life with 10 exciting cafés on social entrepreneurship! 
Join in the debate on Wednesday 15 January from 19h30 until late. 
The following descriptions outline the discussion topics of the cafés.

1. Social solidarity – Strengthening communities through social enterprise in Macedonia (
How can we strengthen the capacities of individuals, organisations and institutions to build a more democratic and multicultural society that represents the needs of all its citizens? Can social enterprise empower citizens to find innovative solutions to the challenges in their community?

2. FairShares Model – The future of enterprise governance
Imagine an enterprise where the knowledge creation model of Wikipedia is combined with the governance model ofthe John Lewis Partnership and the values and principles of the Cooperative Group. Can we create fair andtransparent governance whereby every adult becomes a co-owner of the organisations on which they depend?
3. Sharing and mutual capacity building among organisations supporting social entrepreneurs in Europe (English with French interpretation available)
The EU Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan and the Social Business Initiative both value the contribution of social entrepreneurs to social and economic wellbeing in the EU. What can be done to enhance early stage support to social entrepreneurs and how could the Commission support this? How can we encourage peer learning between social entrepreneur support agencies across the EU?
4. Work Integration – Go for it! (French with English interpretation available)
Let's have a glass of wine and talk about professional and social integration. Let's exchange good practices about work integration projects and social enterprises, possibilities of improvement and ways of cooperation to help the most excluded from the job market.
5. Apéro Fiction – Imaginons ensemble un lieu pour l'innovation sociale à Strasbourg (French)
Ce soir-là, nous mettrons à l'épreuve votre créativité et envisagerons ensemble la conception d'un espace collaboratif dédié à l'innovation sociale à Strasbourg ! Cet espace collaboratif aura pour objectif de créer une communauté apprenante au sein de laquelle les entrepreneurs sociaux trouveront soutien et aide au développement : en prémisse de sa création, venez partager votre vision d'un tel espace, rêver ensemble à ce lieu de travail et de rencontre !

6. Developing relationships from Rennes to Riga (French-English)
Citizens, organisations and governments across Europe are facing the same problems. Social enterprises are
providing solutions but to take this work from local to global scale, we need to create a Europe-wide community ofsocial entrepreneurs who work together. How can we foster relationships between social entrepreneurs and develop these partnerships? Mouves will provide drinks for participants.

7. European opportunities for the Dutch social enterprise sector (Dutch)
The Dutch Social Enterprise sector is growing rapidly, but most entrepreneurs are not aware of the efforts the EU undertakes to stimulate the sector and support social entrepreneurs. How can we bring Dutch social entrepreneurs and policy makers together to strengthen the impact of these social economy policies. Social Enterprise NL will provide drinks and snacks for participants.

8. Social Entrepreneurship and CSOs in Western Balkans and Turkey (English)
In the EU and elsewhere, boundaries between business, civil society and governmental sectors have become blurred over the last few years. Social enterprise is developing and government bodies are cooperating more closely with civil society and the private sector. Join us to discuss how social entrepreneurship is taking hold in the Western Balkans and Turkey. TACSO will provide drinks and snacks for participants with live Balkan fusion music from 20:30hrs.

9. Local Impact Funds – A way of growing a local social economy (English)
The social investment market is growing but further support is required to allow social enterprises to grow. Local Impact Funds provide a locally-led solution to direct the existing supply of finance to where it is most needed. How will it bridge the gap between demand and supply and can it be applied in other countries?
10. Innovation at the intersection of social enterprise, charity, journalism, and pro bono legal advice (English)
Innovation is critical to social change. It is at the heart of the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s work and has driven their creation of the world’s leading market place for free legal assistance. But what does innovation mean to you? Join us to share experiences and discuss how innovation is leading to social change for our societies. Thomson Reuters Foundation will provide drinks for participants.
Source :  http://www.euclidnetwork.eu/