4 déc. 2013

The Future of Employee (Re)Engagement - par MSLGROUP

The Future of Employee (Re)Engagement - People's Insights Quarterly Magazine Volume 2, Issue 3

In this magazine, we start off with an overview on employee (re)engagement – 5 catalysts for change, 5 drivers of engagement and 5 trends for the future.
 Then, we share insights and best practices from MSLGROUP experts and planners, followed by thirteen inspiring projects that show how companies are engaging with their employees and potential recruits today.
Note: Interactive features work best when downloaded and opened as PDF
For more, visit: http://peopleslab.mslgroup.com/peoplesinsights/the-future-of-employee-reengagement/
The People’s Insights Quarterly Magazine pulls together insights from MSLGROUP’s Insights Network — a private network created on our proprietary People’s Lab crowdsourcing platform — in which 100+ planners within MSLGROUP share and discuss thought-provoking research and inspiring projects in the areas of corporate and consumer engagement.
Every week, we pick one project from the MSLGROUP Insights Network and curate conversations around it — on the network itself but also on the social web — into a weekly insights report. Every quarter, we present the thirteen insights reports to you, along with original research from our global network, as an online magazine.
We have further synthesized the insights to provide foresights for business leaders and changemakers — in the ten-part People’s Insights annual report titled Now and Next: Ten Frontiers for the Future of Engagement, also available as a Kindle eBook.
For more, see: http://peopleslab.mslgroup.com/future-of-engagement