20 déc. 2013

Design Thinking : Beyond the Bounds of Your Own Head - by Thomas Wendt

Design Thinking: Beyond the Bounds of Your Own Head

This talk was co-written by Will Evans and myself. It covers some basics of Design Thinking as it pertains to externalization of ideas through empathy, problem framing, ideation, and prototyping.
by Thomas Wendt, UX Strategy and Research Consultant

“Everyone can – and does – design. We all design when we plan for something new to happen, whether that might be a new version of a recipe, a new arrangement of the living room furniture, or a new layout of a personal web page. The evidence from different cultures around the world, and from designs created by children as well as by adults, suggests that everyone is capable of designing. So design thinking is something inherent within human cognition; it is a key part of what makes us human.” Nigel Cross