26 juin 2013

Marketing in a Digital World - by Ogilvy and Mather

Gunther Schumacher, Worldwide President and COO of OgilvyOne Worldwide, spoke at the IBM BusinessConnect software summit about how data and technology are still transforming marketing. 
As marketers, you need to sell. That is why the mantra of David Ogilvy, our founder was “we sell, or else.”
But in today’s digital world, the customer is in charge. She decides when and where to engage, how to communicate, where to get information. 
Today’s customers engage only on their terms, not yours. 
Consumers used to be receptive to marketing messages about product benefits. Today, most of them trust recommendations from other consumers and they are seeking them out actively. 
You have to stay on top of your competition. Most of them use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and so on. You can no longer afford to ignore new media channels, especially in the social space. Online reviews can work in your favor. Or they can work against you. How do you cope with them?