4 mai 2013

The Elephant In The Room: Motivation (2nd revision) - de Lemi Orhan Ergin

This is the second revision of one of my favorite talk about how to improve people's motivation during agile adaptation. I presented it in the April'13 event of Google Developers Group (GDG) Istanbul.

"Motivation is a common problem in all organizations(not only ın agile or non-agile organizations)...
 For me too !
I cannot improve myself! Always doıng the same job, workıng on same stuff, nothing new You cannot ımprove yourself ın daıly jobHard to establish motivation, hard to focus on work Fixing bugs for years, no innovation at all Stuck on same technologies, same way of working Not allowed to ınnovate Damn it! Tons of documentation to prepare before doıng the jobEvery work is personal, no teamwork required Warned in case of a failure, not rewarded on success Unwilling to ımprove and ınnovate. "...
de Lemi Orhan Ergin