25 juin 2011

Le slide du samedi : How to Build a Business Case for Social Media

 Episode 1 : How to Build à Business Case for Social Media
"Want to know how to get your CEO to say "yes" to social media, but weren’t sure how to? 
This video is about getting the attention of your executive team and building a business case. "
Episode 2 :  How to Measure The ROI of Social Media
" Have you ever seen an an actual ROI calculation for social media? This video steps you through how to measure and calculate an ROI. As businesses are using social media they are wondering what’s the pay-off? Some experts have said you can’t calculate it. But that’s not necessarily so. If something is adding value to your business, that value can be calculated and by looking at costs, an ROI can be created. If you’d like more information and the white paper",   

 Episode 3 : How Social Media Can Benefits All Departments in a Company
"Wondering if social media just benefits one department? How could a company use it as a strategic differentiator? What would it take to get all the various departments in your company to collaborate on social media? And if they did, what would the value be? That’s what this video explores. For more information on this and the white paper, go to "