20 févr. 2011

Appletree ou Gingerbread Man pour un break musique 100% fraîcheur

C'est frais... et ça tourne tout seul...

Selah Sue - "Appletree"

It’s the story of a young musician who ignores her fate, and pours her anxieties into her songs and her guitar. She turns her doubts into soul, funk and reggae melodies, trying hard to be worthy of her idols, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and Bob Marley".  

Selah Sue - Appletree (Acoustic Session)
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 Patrick Rydman - "Gingerbread Man"
First single from Patrick Rydman's new album that will be released in fall 2011. This song is a co-write with Tina Johansson (lyrics). The video was shot by Ola Johansson and the tall preacher is played by Henrik

Gingerbread Man
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